The official awards will be held at 11:00 AM on July 10, 2022. We will be announcing a ton of awards so it would be awesome if you can make it. The top 3 overall males and females will receive an award. Overall masters male and female will receive a customized trophy. Overall dog winner will receive a customized trophy. The overall male/female sprint champion and King/Queen of the Mountain will receive a customized trophy. There will also be a prize for each male/female runner to the top of the mountain each day. We will also be doing tons of raffles, including two pairs of ON running shoes and other fun awards, so no matter who you are you can win something!!

King/Queen of The Mountain and Sprint Champion Awards:

We will continue to give awards to the King/Queen of the Mountain, but we will also award the overall sprint champion by having the fastest overall time on each downhill segment.

Unique Bibs:

Every runner will receive three different bibs. The male/female winner of each stage from last year will be showcased on the bibs for this year. We will have white bibs for the masters leader, yellow, polka dot, and green bibs for the current overall leader, king/queen of the mountain, and sprint leader. Just like the Tour De France!

Dog Lovers:

We will allow 5 dogs to run each day. We will have a water dish, and dog biscuits at every aid station, and each dog will receive a finisher rawhide. The winning dog of each stage will also receive a big cookie. The overall dog champion will receive a doggie goodie basket provided by our dog sponsor.

Please message us directly if you plan on running with your dog.